About Us

2000Successful projects
95Trusted partners
15Years of experience

About Us



Is a general contracting company located in Iraq, Salahdine and Erbil, KRG from 2007 with registration number 000008188-02 and tax number 900213298.
Our company is interested in working with non-governmental organizations like Avsi foundation, Save The Children, ACTED, NEF, blumont, Danish Refugee Council and the US Army in the existing military bases in Iraq, for example, Ain al-Asad base, Al TAJI  base and Balad air base.

We have certified registration in

  • SAM system JCCS Number: 83608
  • D-U-N-S Number: 559641920
  • UNGM ID. 357229,
  • KBR,
  • Vectrus,
  • DBBIS,
  • UNIDO ID. 4843,
  • IOM and UN global.
  • Welthungerhilfe CTM ID. 446766,

Our services

  • Construction
  • Procurement
  • Vehicles & equipments leasing
  • Base support
  • Logistics
  • Rehabilitation
  • supply and installation of generators
  • supply and installation of airconditioner
  • supply office furniture and stationary
  • Agriculture irrigation system
  • housing units for refugees camps
  • led light tower and solar system
  • medical and laboratory equipments
  • PPE and hygiene kits
  • safety equipments
  • agriculture vehicles and machines
  • sheeps and cows (all kinds)
  • electric equipments and Materials
  • foodstuff baskets
  • IT equipments and services

Our team

The senior management team at Ziant Aliraq is owner driven and has broad expertise and depth of practical building experience across all sectors of the construction industry.


Muntadher Murtadha Najm

Managing Director

Nabeel sadiq abbas

Company Advisor

Ali Ayoub Salloum

P. R. Manager

Ahmad ayad galeb

Erbil branch manager

Our vision

Client value creation is our target


our biggest priority as a national General Contracting And Tradingcompanyis to bring forth value to our clients in terms of negotiation, productquality,and pricing.Trust:ZIANT ALIRAQ believes that trustworthiness and transparency are fundamentalelements in retaining and creating successful business relationships. We share the desire tomaximize human potential to achieve personal dreams. High ethical and moral standards: webelieve that ethical and moral communication is essential to corporate development andstrength. Innovation: responding innovatively to difficult solutions is what sets us apart fromour competitors. Our competitor cannot match the friendly service close to the friendlyservice and flexibility we offer to our customers and thishas been our key to success.

Our mission

The success of your business is our concern


We believe that the success of our company depends on our ability to work with a diverse groupof certified suppliers to deliver unique insights into developing markets,improve our supply chain, build a loyal customer base, and create wealth in the communitieswhere we do business.With the growth and boom of the construction industry and infrastructure developmentin theKurdistan region and Iraq,we have been involved in supply and base life support to private and public sectors, as well asMulti National Forces–Iraq (MNF-I).

Our passion and services can satisfy your ultimate desires as this is where yoursearchends